Ramon Lee Varcoe, MD, PhD, PROF

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Prince of Wales Hospital and Community Health Services | POWH · Department of Vascular Surgery. MBBS, MS, FRACS, PhD MMed (ClinEpi)

My philosophy on treating patients is simple. I try to picture you as my mother, father, brother or sister and treat you in the same way. In doing so I aim to convey information that makes sense of your complaint whilst providing you with the respect, care and dignity that I would wish for my own family. I like to explain the condition to you as patient and by doing this form a partnership whereby I may guide you through decisions that will ultimately see you to better health.

My approach to the practice of vascular surgery is also quite simple. As this exciting specialty evolves and our armamentarium of less invasive alternatives to open surgery expands I prefer to utilize these options foremost in preference to large scale surgical operations. The advantage to performing these less invasive procedures as well as surgery is that I am completely aware of which form of treatment is best and safest for you, as well as its durability and how to make sure I preserve all options for the future should they be needed. There are few other specialist groups involved in the treatment of vascular disease who have this breadth of expertise.

Through this caring, respectful approach I aim to provide you with the highest quality of medical attention. One that is based upon expertise and professionalism whilst being thoroughly personalised to you and your individual circumstances.


Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon