Hervé Rousseau, MD, PhD


Professor of Radiology & Interventional Radiology and Head of Department of Radiology Rangueil University Hospital, Toulouse, France.

Since 1985, Hervé Rousseau, MD, PhD is involved in many interventional procedures in France,
mainly with the first stents placed in human vessels in Europe, Furthermore, he has been on the
cutting edge of research and development in vascular interventions, particularly in stent and stent
graft development for peripheral vessels, TIPS and having been one of the first European vascular
interventionnist to use stent grafts in the treatment of thoracic aortic diseases.
Prof Hervé Rousseau received his medical degree from Toulouse University of Paul Sabatier.
Following his training in Toulouse, he became a Fellow in the department of Radiology at
University Hospital of Rangueil in Toulouse, where he became an assistant Professor in 1987, in
the department of Radiology chaired by Pr F Joffre. In 1988 he obtained a Master in surgical
science in Paris. After a two year fellowship at Toulouse’s CHU Rangueil he continued his
training, partly in the United States with Professor Amplatz, Prof. Schwarten and Prof. CastanedaZuniga until 1989. Since 1990 he has been a Professor of Radiology at his alma mater of Paul
Sabatier. His clinical interests are Diagnostic Imaging & Interventional Radiology in vascular
Since 2000 to 2006 he has been the director of the Research Imaging Centre at the Paul Sabatier
University. Since 2007 Pr Rousseau has created with Dr A Nègre-Salvayre a research center on
atherosclerosis and cardiovascular imaging (I2MC, INSERM U1048) at CHU Rangueil Toulouse.
Prof Rousseau has been a reviewer of numerous journals, and published more than 500 papers and
abstracts in peer-reviewed medical journals and has presented his work at many national and
international symposia. He is a member of several medical societies and has been Chairman of the
French Society of Cardio Vascular Interventional Radiology in 2002.
In addition, Prof Rousseau is an distinguished fellow of the CIRSE and held numerous offices in
the CIRSE and was Co-chairman of the CIRSE meeting in 2005.


CHU Rangueil 01 av J Poulhes 31059