Prakash Krishnan, MD

Interventional cardiology

Prakash Krishnan, MD, is a world-renowned expert in peripheral vascular disease and is internationally recognized as a leaderin the catheter- based treatment of peripheral arterial disease. Dr. Krishnan’s expertise includes nonsurgical treatment of coronary and peripheral vascular diseases, including coronary stents, peripheral vascular angioplasty and stents, atherectomy, carotid stents,renal stents,renal denervation, and complex venous disease intervention.

Prakash Krishnan, MD is a patient advocate and an educator. He has built a robust community- based outreach program that serves a vast population of patients with complex coronary and peripheral arterial disease. He also serves as the Director of the Endovascular Intervention Fellowship in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and has been educating interventionalists globally via live satellite transmissions at national and international meetings and with the monthly webcasts showcased on He served as the co-national primary investigator in the ILLUMENATE Trial and is a leading authority in the performance of non-
surgical interventions for peripheral arterial disease. He has received numerous awards and honors, most recently the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Legacy Award for Physician Services from Clergy with a Purpose. He has also served as editor of numerous textbooks on endovascular interventions and has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He is co-director of the annual LINC Mount Sinai conference.
Dr. Krishnan is an internationally established leader in education. He has been both innovative and progressive, and recognized the opportunity to reach thousands of physicians to help advance the understanding of techniques in the interventional treatment of peripheral arterial disease.
In 2012, Dr. Krishnan began to broadcast monthly Peripheral Interventions Live via CCC Live Cases, which has over 25,000 views per month in 179 countries.
As a master educator, Dr. Krishnan started the Endovascular Fellowship program at Mount Sinai Heart in 2013. He was recognized with the Distinguished Teaching Award by the Interventional Fellows in June 2017, providing incomparable education in the field of peripheral arterial disease. The following year, he received the Mentorship in Endovascular Interventions Award by the Mount Sinai Interventional Cardiology Fellows. In 2018, he was nationally recognized by being named Co-Director of the annual Endovascular Fellows Course by SCAI (Society of Angiography and Interventions). He is currently working as the Program Director for the Women as One Foundation’s Peripheral Vascular Disease Clinical Program to promote, educate and support young women cardiologists to become leaders in the field of vascular disease and endovascular intervention. Just a few weeks ago, he was also recognized for his contributions in community service and honored by the Association of Indian Americans (AIA) at their annual gala event.

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