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Educational Grant

Since January 2018, MedTech member companies must not directly pay expenses like registration, travel, and accommodation to individual Healthcare Professionals (HCP) wishing to attend third-party organized events. Direct sponsoring has been banned. 

Instead, MedTech Industry may provide educational grant funds to Professional Congress Organizers or Healthcare Organizations, which will be responsible for the selection of individual grant receivers, as well as the grant allocation process.  


Xevent is the official congress organizer of IM Endo Forum and Ethical MedTech Trusted Partner. This entitles us to collect educational grant funds from our industry partners in order to allocate them to individual HCPs. Grant providing companies may define geographical region, hospitals, as well as selection criteria, but may not name individual grant recipient. Eleven conference takes care independently that company grants reach the HCP in accordance with the new MedTech Europe rules and preferences of the funding company. 

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